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Are estimates free?

Yes. Estimates are free.

What is the best way to clean my shower?

Squeegee water off of the door after a shower. Dry damp spots with a towel. Use Sprayway glass cleaner and paper towels to clean. Avoid using anything abrasive.

What is the best way to clean soap scum?

Use 0000 steel wool (very fine) with Sprayway glass cleaner.

Should I leave my shower door open after a shower?

Yes. Leave your door open swinging to the inside if possible, not outside. Otherwise, leave it closed.

Is the silicone mold-resistant?

Yes. The silicone has antifungal properties to prevent mold buildup.

How long does the silicone need to cure after installation?

It is recommended to allow 48 hours for the silicone to cure before you use your shower. Sometimes, 24 hours is acceptable. Please ask your installer about your particular shower.

What is the average turnaround time from the estimate to installation?

Your shower door is normally installed within two weeks after the estimate is given.

How long is the average installation time?

1 to 3 hours per shower

Are frameless shower doors waterproof?

No. Framless doors are are water-resistant but not waterproof due to the small gaps around the door, which is free-floating.

What is the average height for frameless shower glass?

The most common heights are 76 inches, 80 inches, and 84 inches.

Is the bottom sweep replaceable?

Yes. The most cost-effective way to replace the bottom sweep is to order a shower drip rail for 3/8 inch glass from Amazon.

Is it normal for the door to come out of adjustment?

Yes. Settling does happen, especially during the transition between hot and cold seasons. This is very easy for us to fix. Give us a call.